ASCEND Solutions


Accelerate your Organization's HCM Success with ASCEND


Strategic organizations recognize that cloud-based integrated human capital management (HCM) solutions are key to driving organizational performance and reducing Human Resources (HR) operational complexity. The challenge for these organizations is to efficiently transform their existing HR practices, currently supported by highly customized on-premise solutions, to cloud-based best HR practices supported by SuccessFactors.


hyperCision’s ASCEND Solutions are designed to help organizations make the successful transition to SuccessFactors in an efficient, cost-predictable and controlled manner. An ASCEND deployment helps organizations achieve direct value and benefit from a cloud system without unforeseen surprises.

The driving force behind ASCEND is our passion for HCM and the technology that supports it. For decades, we have harnessed all of our business and systems knowledge to design, implement and support HCM solutions for many of the premier companies in the world, helping them to apply industry and functional best practices for Core HR, Talent Management, and Social Collaboration across their HCM organizations.

ASCEND's 3-tiered Solutions Services

ASCEND consists of 3 levels of solution services scaled to meet the needs of your business and implemented by hyperCision consultants who care for ASCEND customers every step of the way, ensuring that the solutions are aligned with the business vision and that a significant ROI is realized within the first year. ASCEND’s pre-built configuration is based on templated best practices, providing a step-by-step strategic roadmap to streamline the execution of a fully realized, integrated SuccessFactors implementation.

ASCEND is delivered for the following SuccessFactors Solutions

ASCEND Employee Central

An intuitive core HR System delivered with best practice processes that addresses your organizational HR systems challenges. Employee Central adds value to your business by automating the basic Human Resources core data and transaction tasks that have historically monopolized your HR team’s time and resources.

ASCEND Learning

Pre-built configuration based on hyperCision’s learning management best practices, offering a step-by-step strategic roadmap to streamline the development of a seamless, integrated learning management solution.

ASCEND Recruiting

With many organizations experiencing skills shortages, talent acquisition is an HR process with significant impact on your business. ASCEND Recruiting provides the proper tools to help your organization hire the right people who will make a profound and positive impact on your business.

ASCEND Performance and Goals

Move past traditional performance reviews with ASCEND’s solution promoting meaningful feedback and coaching to support organization and employee development goals. Achieve the best in-depth employee performance evaluation so you make informed decisions around retaining, developing and rewarding your most valuable employees.


Brings Social Collaboration and Communication to your Enterprise via SAP Jam. We help your team leverage SAP Jam to connect social with existing enterprise applications, delivering a collaboration experience that enhances your business processes.