Mobility Rapid Enablement Services




Many SAP customers delay mobility efforts due to an assumption that a capital investment in additional SAP licensing is needed for additional middleware components. However, this assumption is false; mobilizing your SAP investment can be done without additional licensing.  Using SAP-endorsed frameworks like Adobe PhoneGap in conjunction with SAP Netweaver Gateway, companies can run multi-platform, native applications. This provides a great opportunity to initiate delivery of the apps your employees have been asking for without extending licensing or IT landscape complexity.
Most companies do not have a full mobility enterprise roadmap. In many cases, specific lines of business are acting independently to meet the specific needs of their business users, which can make solutions based on sophisticated mobility middleware products like Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) and Afaria challenging to justify.
If your company is looking for quick wins with a smaller budget, hyperCision can help. Finally, you can respond to the pent up demand of your business user population with our specialized Mobility Rapid Enablement Services. Our mobility formula is a simple, mature and economical solution for rapidly delivering mobile capabilities to your employees while paving the road for the adoption of a more sophisticated enterprise-wide mobility strategy for your company.
SAP’s endorsement in mid-2012 of Adobe’s PhoneGap framework with Netweaver Gateway created a successful formula for developing tailored mobile solutions that work across iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys, iPads, etc.  Let our Mobility Enablement Team help you leverage these new technologies.
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