OJT Checklist

SAP Enterprise Learning Mobility - Assess On-the-Job Training on the go!

OJT Checklist™ allows trainers to view all of the training courses assigned to them and record assessment results as trainees perform each of the items on the checklist -- such as an on-the-job (OJT) training checklist. OJT Checklist™ operates both offline and online, with all data synchronizing on demand with SAP Enterprise Learning. It’s a perfect solution to address the global needs of organizations that require the ability to train in the field.

OJT Checklist allows trainers to record:

  • Training Start and End Date
  • Training Start and End Time
  • Training Time (in Minutes)
  • Training Score
  • Training Rating (based on the assigned SAP proficiency scale)
  • Trainer Comments

OJT Checklist™ runs robustly on the Android and iOS platforms, and its architecture allows deployment with or without a managed mobile container solution. OJT Checklist™ also leverages the extensive enhancements provided to SAP Enterprise Learning by RegLearn.