SAPinsider HR 2015

We're pleased to say that SAPInsider's HR2015 was a HUGE success!

Did you miss it? Want to learn what we shared there? Just let us know!


HR2015 Presentations:

Would your SuccessFactors implementation get a clean bill of health post-go-live? Presented by Sharon Cook, hyperCision HCM Practice Director. 

With regular functionality updates, changes to company policies and processes, different technology integrations, and new staff members, are you sure your SuccessFactors implementation would get a clean bill of health? Attend this session to:

  • Learn the steps you can take and processes you can put in place to assure your system is healthy today and stays healthy tomorrow
  • Obtain a checklist of items to determine system health and help identify any symptoms that might indicate underlying system health issues, including best practices to assure your system is ready to take on more of your business challenges
  • Walk through specific customer examples and practical approaches to confirm your system is healthy or, if not, provide you with a path to recovery

Best practices for preparing for a SuccessFactors Succession Management implementation. Presented by Sharon Cook, hyperCision HCM Practice Director. 

Uncover best practices for implementing and little-known functionalities in SuccessFactors Succession Management. During this session, you will:

  • Discuss the benefits of using the Meta Data Framework in Succession Management and step through a demo showing the differences between using it and forgoing it
  • Walk through the security template (and see how it differs from the security workbook provided by SuccessFactors) and better understand security requirements
  • Understand how to fill the configuration workbook, the admin activities that you will be responsible for, and how to align your design to the current HR trends

Panel discussion: Answers to FAQs about SuccessFactors Employee Central with Becky Murray, hyperCision Principal Consultant, as a panelist. 

Get your most critical questions answered about Employee Central features and functions, deployment options, how it compares to SAP ERP HCM, and more. The panelists will candidly discuss:

  • Key considerations and recommendations for whether and how to move to Employee Central based on project experience with their own clients
  • Business drivers, challenges, benefits, and lessons from real-world Employee Central initiatives
  • The best ways to plan and execute an Employee Central project and what needs to be considered from a user experience perspective

Panel discussion: Debunking the top 10 myths about cloud-based HR with Sharon Newton, hyperCision Managing Partner; as a panelist. 

This was a lively panel discussion with industry-recognized SuccessFactors experts as they discuss - and debunk - common myths surrounding cloud-based HR, including:

  • Hosting sensitive data and mission-critical applications off-site exposes my organization to potential security risks
  • Cloud-based applications can't be customized to meet my business requirements
  • Large organizations have less to gain versus small- or medium-sized businesses by migrating to a cloud-based HR model
  • Investments in existing on-premise applications will be lost

An expert's guide to optimizing SAP Learning Solution. Presented by Sharon Newton, hyperCision Managing Partner. 

Get best practices to optimize your existing Learning Solution installation to support aligning learning with your talent strategy. During this session, you will: 

  • See how your organization’s learning strategy, talent strategy and corporate strategy can work together to drive business success
  • Learn about the new UI features that are available to optimize usability experience of your SAP Learning Solution application, including HR Renewal
  • Review new development and add-on options that are available to grow your existing SAP Learning Solution implementation
  • Learn how you can support informal and social learning initiatives through integration with SAP Jam

Everything e-learning: Top considerations for migrating from SAP Learning Solution to SuccessFactors Learning. Presented by Alan Yang, hyperCision Learning Practice Director. 

Find out how to migrate from SAP Learning Solution to SuccessFactors Learning and deliver working content effectively, reducing the time required for testing and troubleshooting e-learning courses. During this session, attendees will:

  • Examine the pros and cons of using iContent on the cloud versus an in-house content management system for hosting e-learning courses, how each is configured, and the various services each option offers
  • Get lessons on how to effectively transfer SAP Learning Solution Web-based trainings (WBTs) to SuccessFactors Learning, including tips to streamline content integration and avoid cross-domain restrictions using reverse proxy and SF Proxlet
  • Understand how SCORM and AICC variations can influence the design and delivery of e-learning courses
  • Take home sample reverse proxy and SF Proxlet code.