SucessFactors Recruiting

SuccessFactors Recruiting is the only comprehensive recruiting solution that helps you attract and engage top talent, select and hire the best-fit candidates, and then measure the business results. Unlike other solutions, you can focus on more than just the selection phase of the process.

  • Target the talent you need: SuccessFactors’ patented methodology ensures that your jobs get in front of the right candidate with the right message at the right time.
  • Engage easily and effectively: Apply marketing best practices to cultivate strong candidates so you have a pipeline that will save recruiters time and get results.
  • Improve selection: Our social, mobile and competency-based approach to evaluating candidates speeds up the hiring process but keeps it fast and fair.
  • Onboard seamlessly: Accelerate new-hire engagement and impact with automated forms, and broaden your access to people and resources in the employee social network.
  • Get results you can see: Improve return on your recruiting dollars, and demonstrate how your recruiting strategy is driving business results.
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