If you are like many clients that we talk with, you’re likely struggling with e-learning content consistently playing incorrectly within the SAP Learning Solution. For example, we commonly hear:


  • Learners frustrated by courses dropping intermittently and losing their progress.
  • Administrators upset when authored content doesn’t play in SAP LSO like it did in their authoring environment.
  • Management fearing business impact and compliance risk from training reporting challenges and inadequacies.
  • Organizational issues in supporting rapidly changing content standards.

Do these challenges sound familiar? These issues do more than simply frustrate individuals; they reduce the user adoption of your LMS.  This in turn creates compliance issues and increases your organization’s exposure to risk.

That’s why our software development partner, HCLabs, created Twine™, a best-of-breed content player for the SAP Learning Solution. Powered by Rustici Software’s content engine, Twine gives you the ability to maximize the learner’s experience while enabling your SAP Learning Solution LMS to continue to be on the forefront of e-learning content standards and innovation.

Key Benefits of Twine

  • Twine includes pre-tailored integration to the SAP Learning Solution and does not require additional plug-ins which can cause compatibility issues and prevent content from playing successfully for your learners.
  • Twine supports all e-learning standards, including the Experience API (aka the Tin Can API). Twine inherits all of the new functionality delivered by Rustici Software, enabling your organization to remain “future-proofed” against ongoing changes to e-learning standards.
  • Twine automatically translates SCORM and AICC data from existing courses into corresponding Tin Can statements for storage in a Learning Record Store (LRS) to further help you future-proof your learning data.
  • Course authors can easily upload and preview their courses in Twine and rest assured that the content will perform identically after it is published.
  • Optimized communication occurs between Twine and SAP, which helps prevent the loss of participant progress in e-learning courses regardless of issues such as network instability.
  • Content compatibility issues with various interpretations of AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 are minimized, which maximizes the Learning Solution’s capability to successfully deliver complex, compliant content to your learners.
  • Twine supports all facets of SCORM 2004, including branching, sequencing and navigation.
  • SCORM data reporting is simplified and more powerful.
  • The Twine content player can be branded according to your organization’s guidelines.