RollCall: Automating the Capture and Recording of Training Attendance

by Rich Schoeneberg, Solutions Manager, hyperCision

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Does your organization use SAP’s SuccessFactors learning management system?

Has your organization implemented some form of badge identification technology for their employees – e.g. barcodes, QR codes or Near-Field Communication (NFC)?

If you answered “Yes” to both of these questions, then I have some news that may get you more excited than Saturday Night Live’s Spartan cheerleaders, Craig and Arianna, at their high school’s chess tournament. HCLabs has developed a solution called RollCall™ which eliminates the effort, paperwork, and mistakes often associated with the manual process of gathering and updating training attendance records in SAP SuccessFactors Learning.

How does RollCall do this?

Step 1: Instructors use a mobile app for scanning employee badges in online or offline mode to capture training attendance. Attendance can also be entered manually in the app.
Step 2: Once training is completed, the instructors submit attendance online for (optional) administrative review and approval.
Step 3: The participants’ training records are updated in SuccessFactors Learning.

It’s that simple.

And, in addition to functioning in either online or offline mode, the latest version of RollCall includes:

 · Full support for unplanned or “ad hoc” training

 · The use of multiple devices to capture attendance simultaneously for the same training class or meeting

 · The option for instructors to group multiple classes together to enable the efficient collection of attendance

 · An enhanced scanning function to maximize the app’s speed and capability in reading difficult codes.

Northeast Georgia Health System, a nationally ranked, not-for-profit community health system recently went live on RollCall. According to Nick Marsh, LMS Administrator for the Educational Services Department, “We take attendance over 30,000 times each year for classroom-based learning. RollCall replaced a manual, error-prone process with a powerful but intuitive app, and HCLabs made the implementation easy and personal. They took the time to understand our unique business structure and ensure our adoption of RollCall was a success.”

HCLabs’ is devoted to developing software that extends the capabilities of SAP and SuccessFactors HCM solutions. So, it makes perfect sense that we’ve delivered RollCall, a solution that enables the process of collecting and updating attendance in SuccessFactors Learning to be simple, automated, and efficient.

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Listen to Solutions Manager Rich Schoeneberg's free webinar (originally recorded November 30th) to learn more about the incredible time-saving benefits of RollCall.


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